How to train your brain to manifest your goals

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In this episode of the Big Brains podcast, James Doty explains the scientific research on how to train our brain to achieve our goals.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Manifest Your Destiny” when it comes to wanting that new promotion, figuring out a new career path, or just trying to achieve that long-term goal.

It turns out that the act of manifestation is not merely pseudoscience—it actually has a body of research in neuroscience to back it up.

Doty has been exploring this topic throughout his career; and offers scientific research as well as tools on how to manifest your goals in his new book, Mind Magic: The Neuroscience of Manifestation and How It Changes Everything (Avery, 2024).

Doty is a clinical professor of neurosurgery at Stanford University, where he is also the founder and director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education. He explores how manifestation is not only a tool to achieve what we want, but it is also fundamentally about being selfless and caring for others in order to activate our deep internal happiness.

In this episode, he explains how to manifest your future using neuroscience:

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Source: University of Chicago