About Futurity

Futurity’s Mission

Futurity’s mission is to inform the public and spark their curiosity with research news from authoritative and trusted voices.

Futurity spotlights the work of experts and researchers from around the world, showcasing international efforts to advance knowledge and inform the public.

Futurity makes quality research accessible to all, providing evidence-based information to counter misinformation and combat skepticism about science.

In the face of global crises, from the COVID-19 pandemic to climate change, Futurity shows the potential for research to improve our world and for experts to clarify our place in it.

Futurity also makes clear the ground-level, human stakes of research, whether about Alzheimer’s, politics, mental health, or inequality, empowering readers with personally relevant information that can improve their lives and communities.

Futurity champions university research in an era when science and higher education are under assault.

Futurity Background

Futurity.org launched in 2009 to combat reductions in science coverage at major news outlets and to give universities a channel to share news directly with the public. The site is now a valuable resource for evidence-based science and research news for millions of readers around the world.

With 47 member universities supporting the project today—including universities from the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia—Futurity exists to showcase the real-world impact of sponsored research.

How Futurity Works

Futurity posts and amplifies content submitted by university partners: news stories, interviews with faculty, podcasts, and stand-alone videos.

Futurity’s editors optimize those submissions to grab readers’ attention and pare away details that could distract from the real-world impact of the research.

Futurity’s unique visual style sets it apart from other news outlets, grabbing the attention of readers on the site, in the daily newsletter, and on social channels.

Futurity Staff

Jenny Leonard, executive editor and associate vice president for digital strategy and communications at the University of Rochester

Camden Flath, editor

Katie George, assistant editor

Futurity Governing Board

Victor Balta, University of Washington

Cass Cliatt, Brown University

Page Hetzel, University of Rochester

Heather Swain, Michigan State University


“Futurity’s ability to bring findings from some of the world’s top research universities to an audience of millions in a clear and engaging way—without sacrificing academic rigor—is well worth the relatively small investment.”

Victor Balta, Senior Director of Media Relations, University of Washington

“Futurity’s immense value is that it offers its readers a direct view into our research and scholarship from a source they trust. The type of people who visit Futurity—and return again and again—can play important roles in their communities and industries advancing the importance of science and research.”

Cass Cliatt, Vice President for Communications, Brown University

“Now more than ever audiences are clamoring for sound science news from trusted sources. With millions of readers each year, Futurity has proven to be just such a trusted source, providing Stanford with a valuable channel to reach a broad audience curious about discovery and scholarship.”

Donna Lovell, Assistant Vice President, News & Content Production, Stanford University

“Futurity brings research news and insights from the most trusted source—academic experts at the top universities—to readers around the world. Futurity demonstrates that a group of like-minded communicators can work together toward a common goal of advancing public understanding of our work.”

Michael Schoenfeld, Former VP for Public Affairs and Government Relations, Duke University

“Futurity brings essential research findings from leading universities to the public. With facts more important than ever, Futurity provides an important public service.”

Heather Swain, VP for Marketing, Public Relations, and Digital Strategy, Michigan State University

How to Join Futurity

Republishing Futurity Content

All of Futurity’s articles can be republished under the Creative Commons 4.0 license, with attribution back to Futurity.org. If you’re interested in learning more about republishing Futurity content, please reach out at editor@futurity.org.

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If you have any questions, please reach out to us at editor@futurity.org.