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The history of bagels is an American tale

(Credit: Getty Images)

Bagels have roots in 17th-century Poland, but it’s American wheat—along with Jewish immigration to New York, labor organizing, and an epic battle between bakers—that made them what they are today, according to one expert.

In this video, Jacob Remes, a clinical associate professor at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, uses the New York City bakery staple as a lens to explore the history of anti-Semitism, corruption, the labor movement, the changing makeup of American cities, and more.

“Where food comes from, where food is grown, where food is made—does that change what the food is? Bagels are a really good example of that, because the answer is ‘yes,'” says Remes.

Find out the history of bagels and why Remes says “no one has had a New York bagel since 1967:”

Source: NYU