Listen: What’s it like to be Muslim in America today?

Ahmed Ahmed is an American-Muslim comedian who was typecast as a terrorist. Khalid Latif is a Muslim chaplain for the New York Police Department who garnered salutes in uniform, but harassment as a civilian. Mona Haydar and Sebastian Robins fought Islamophobia with doughnuts and conversation.

There are as many different stories about being Muslim in the United States as there are Muslims.

This episode of Duke University’s Ways and Means podcast focuses on stories from some American Muslims. The episode also explores how hyper-vigilance about the possible threat of Muslim-American violence might be making all Americans less safe.

Guests include Evelyn Alsultany of the Arab and Muslim American Studies program at the University of Michigan and Sanford School of Public Policy faculty member David Schanzer, author of two new studies, one on violent extremism and another on community policing.

Videos from the “Secret Life of Muslims” series are available here.

Source: Duke University