"Phages are the most abundant life forms on the planet—if you consider viruses to be alive," Paul Ebner says. "You can eat thousands of phages just by licking your lips." (Credit: origamiwolf/Flickr)
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These ‘spaceship’ viruses can kill E. coli in food

"Green tomatoes are safe to eat in moderation. But we don't know how many green tomatoes a person would need to eat to get a dose of tomatidine similar to what we gave the mice. We also don't know if such a dose of tomatidine will be safe for people, or if it will have the same effect in people as it does in mice," says Christopher Adams.
 "We are working hard to answer these questions, hoping to find relatively simple ways that people can maintain muscle mass and function, or if necessary, regain it." (Credit: Edward Peters/Flickr)
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Green tomato compound fights muscle atrophy

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