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Why costumes used to worry Shakespeare’s fans

(Credit: from The dramatic works of William Shakespeare : accurately printed from the text of the corrected copy left by the late George Steevens, Esq. : with a glossary, and notes, and a sketch of the life of Shakespeare (1830) via Wikimedia Commons)

When one of Shakespeare’s characters¬†walks on stage, their clothes let us “immediately begin to see who they are,” says Bella Mirabella, associate professor at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study.

In the book Shakespeare and Costume (Bloomsbury 2015), coedited by Mirabella and Patricia Lennox, scholars examine the historical context of clothing in the plays,¬†including how different eras’ costumes reflect conceptions of race and gender.

Dress that was foreign to English audiences during the Renaissance made for quick assumptions about dignity, strength, and trustworthiness, as she explains in this video.

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Source: New York University