A new Web site showcases virtual manuscripts from the 14th century work, Chronicles of Jehan Froissart, chronicling the Hundred Years War, the epic battle between the English and the French, from the years 1325-1399. The site, produced by the University of Sheffield and the University of Liverpool, includes history, politics, and personalities, plus a collation tool and search engine. Credit: Courtesy, U. Sheffield

U. SHEFFIELD (UK)—A Web site is breathing new life into the Hundred Years’ War by showcasing virtual manuscripts from the renowned14th century Chronicles of Jehan Froissart, which provides a unique account of the epic battle between the English and the French.

Emeritus Professor Peter Ainsworth, from the University of Sheffield’s Department of French directed the ‘Online Froissart’ Web site which includes essays, commentaries, and notes on the history, politics, and personalities of the 14th century, plus a powerful collation tool and search engine.

The work by Jehan Froissart (1337-1404) remains a major source of information on the conflict, holding great interest for historians, giving insight into the realities of warfare in 14th-century Europe.

Froissart’s aim was to record as impartially as possible the military achievements on either side during this prolonged conflict. The Chronicles cover the years 1325-1399, and Froissart worked on them throughout his adult life.

The launch of ‘Online Froissart’ coincides with that of an international exhibition that opened in Paris early this month.

“Froissart’s Chronicles open a window into a fascinating world. Fourteenth-century Europe in all its political, social and military complexity unfolds before us over a compelling narrative of more than three million words,” Ainsworth says.