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There’s a name for terrible science fiction: skiffy

(Credit: Getty Images)

Lisa Yaszek, an expert on the history of science fiction, describes the genre’s three categories: SF, sci-fi, and skiffy, which range from the seriousness of Stanley Kubrick to the silliness of Sharknado.

“Science fiction is a global language that allows us to communicate the experience of science and technology across centuries, continents, and cultures,” says Yaszek, professor and associate chair in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech.

“If we can read each other’s science fiction and begin to learn about each other’s hopes and fears concerning the future, we take the first important steps toward building truly new and better futures for all.”

Yaszek is also past president of the Science Fiction Research Association and will publish her fourth book on the history of science fiction in 2018.

Source: Georgia Tech