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Check out Futurity’s new design

Futurity has a fresh look. Let us know what you think.

It’s our first redesign since Futurity launched four years ago—and one long overdue.

The pages will look and work better on mobile devices and tablets since the new design is responsive. We’ve also added more options on the pages to make it easier to share stories and to find related content.

The images are bigger and the overall look is less cluttered. The folks at Electric Pulp, known for creating wonderful things for the web, crafted the design.

The look is new, but the focus is still the same: exciting discoveries in science, technology, health, the environment, and culture.

If you notice bugs or other problems—or if you just want to tell us what you like or don’t like about it—please leave a comment below or email editor@futurity.org.

Thanks for reading.

Jenny Leonard
Editor, Futurity

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  1. David Perlman

    I find the gray sharing band across the bottom of the pictures ugly, distracting, and annoying. Is space so valuable that you can’t place this below the picture and make it a bit smaller?

  2. David

    I like the new layout, its significantly faster than the old setup and less “busy”, and feels a lot like the current “Digg” Interface. Kudos!

  3. john juian

    if it does not have a summary of articles, it will not appeal to me.

  4. Pat

    It requires too much scrolling to see the offerings. The old format allowed a quick scan of the articles and easy selection of those that were of interest. I will try this format, but suspect I will shortly delete the site from my regular reading list.

  5. Sam

    The Sci-Tech page was “Last updated today at 3:55pm” as of 7:05 this morning.

  6. Mike

    What happened to the print friendly version on articles? The new site is great, but there’s no way to print the articles.

  7. Futurity-Jenny Leonard

    Mike, we plan to add the print option very soon. Thanks for the feedback!

  8. Mary Johnson

    As a high school science teacher I miss the print version available. So many of your articles are timely for my students. Please get your print version up and running!

  9. Hillary

    I strongly agree with Pat. I don’t like that I have to scroll down the whole page to see all the articles. I preferred the quick scan. I also find the combination of the large images and the scrolling gives me a headache. I appreciate your want for a new look, but as a regular reader since you started, I must say that if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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